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What is a Service Coordinator?

A Service Coordinator is someone whose goal is to help residents ‘age in place’ and maintain a good quality of life. Our Service Coordinator provides information on community services and a variety of benefits. (The 1st floor brochure racks and bulletin boards are stocked with information about some of these services and benefits.) The Service Coordinator also meets directly with residents to help determine needs and discuss options for meeting those needs. Periodically, educational programs are offered.

If residents have any questions or want information about housekeepers, home health aides, financial benefits, health care, health insurance, medical bills, or anything else, they make an appointment with our Service Coordinator. For instance, our Service Coordinator can help you:

  • Fill out McGraw House forms, such as the medic alert or weekly menu.
  • Figure out what in-home needs you may have and discuss options for getting services to meet those needs such as a housekeeper, home health aide, hairdresser, home delivered meals and/or groceries, emergency response system, etc.
  • Apply for appropriate financial benefits, such as Section 8 rental assistance, EPIC (NYS prescription drug program), Medicare, Lifeline (phone assistance), SSI, and Food Stamps.
  • Interpret and assist with problems associated with medical bills, health and prescription drug insurance, Social Security, and other consumer issues.
  • Make arrangements for transportation, shopping, adaptive equipment, talking books, friendly visitors, and other services.

In short, our Service Coordinator can assist residents in finding the services they need to continue living in McGraw House while navigating the aging in place process.